Relief for Urinary Tract Discomfort

5 Day Pack

Pop down to your local pharmacy and get the URI-Kleer 5 Day Pack to relieve your urinary tract discomfort.

Recommended retail price:

R 130.00

The URI-Kleer 5-day Pack contains a higher concentration of Hibiscus Flower Extract which assists in relieving lower urinary tract discomfort. It should be taken at the first sign of urinary tract discomfort, which may include:

  • Pain or burning sensation when weeing
  • The urge to wee frequently

The pack contains 6 capsules – Take two capsules at the first sign of discomfort, and finish the pack by taking one capsule per day after that.

Not sure of which pack is right for you?

At the first sign of urinary discomfort, take 2 capsules.

Thereafter take 1 capsule once a day for 4 days. Complete the pack.

After the relief of discomfort, use URI-Kleer Maintenance to maintain a healthy urinary tract

The active ingredient in URI-Kleer is Hibiscus sabdariffa 200 mg. The other ingredients are hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (capsule), maize starch and magnesium stearate.


URI-Kleer should preferably not be taken with food.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Taking URI-Kleer is not recommended if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant. If you are breastfeeding your baby, please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice before taking this medicine.

If there is no improvement in the symptoms of a urinary tract discomfort within 3 days, it is advisable to consult a healthcare practitioner.

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