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URI-Kleer believes that all women should be free to achieve their goals without interruption. The information provided on this website will empower you with knowledge on how to prevent urinary tract discomfort from interrupting your life.

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Why URI-Kleer?

Contains a patented extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa

Helps to prevent E.coli from sticking to the urinary tract walls

Helps to reduce pain during urination & lowers the pH of urine

Sugar-free, herbal, vegetarian-friendly formulation

Simple 2-step, relief and, maintenance system

For UTI Relief

At the first signs of urinary tract discomfort, get the URI-Kleer 5 Day Pack

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Relief for lower urinary discomfort

Frequent Discomfort

If you suffer from frequent urinary tract discomfort try the URI-Kleer Maintenance 28 Day Pack. Take one capsule every day to keep potential issues at bay.

Maintenance for a healthy urinary tract

Ask your Pharmacist for URI-Kleer!

Available online and in-store at leading pharmacies and health shops.

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